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here little list that is helping me learning :)
1)Drawing Scenery Seascapes And Landscapes by Jack Hamm 
very good book help to understand composition and some environment elements trees rocks etc
I learned alot reading in this book still i think i need to do all the images in it to make my brain work better with each element :)

2)Bob Ross he is amazing oil painting teacher
I am still trying to figure out how to use his method creating brushs and stuff like that in digital but its very good to watch his videos…

3)a lot of images online help to see the world beauty :D

4)also the old masters Thomas Cole, Asher Brown Durand, Albert Bierstadt etc i am still hunting for more ;)

good luck in your journey  ^_^

Moving, character design, temporary going offline

Hi all
I had moved to the new apartment settling down now but we still don't have net connection :meh: 
I will try to log online each week or so to connect and research :D (Big Grin) 
Anyway I think I will use my offline time to help me focus my energy not overwhelming surfing the net but doing heavy studies Meow :3
Still the draw/painting struggle continue but I start to feel I am moving steady with coloring maybe I need to take step back to drawing to build my map plan for the drawing IDK still going back and forward to find my sweet place where my balance :wink: rvmp but I start to build my own process so I am very excited :chairdance::excited:
Drawing is where I understand and figure out how to see things on the other hand coloring is where my heart and soul flying autopilot just enjoy my time Omg I gets present
Hmm... February is all about understanding few question :-

why some character look evil/good/or even dull :D (Big Grin)

the round friendly the pointy spiky is speed evil and so on 
Also don't over do strong or weak character treat character as real people complex but figure the balance that make them tick :wink: rvmp 

what make character unique? 

The complex personality (positive, negative, neutral traits) 
Shapes in the face and body 
Each facial feature (face shape, eyes, nose, mouth ear, neck) have is own unique personality us it to build the character as visual character traits Nod 
I really like anime they do very good job in that area if you look closely :wink: rvmp 
Also colors have there own feel and skin tones, the under skin (cold/warm/natural) 
Note to myself I need to do more in depth research about fashion, accessory props etc 

And finally the big question :-

how to design what is good design? 

My focus always and still is character design sometime I go environment but that my play time :D (Big Grin)  It's when I just want test new flavor if you know what I mean :wink: rvmp

Back to character design I start to think more in term of design

No character build out of the air the character have goal, life experiences, personality, backstory, and purpose Nod 
there must be something sense and connect to the audience not random

that why I start to or to be more honest trying to understand how to design character starting from personality
to build character unique with his/her own personality I have a lot of thoughts but need some time to experimenting Wink/Razz 

will let you know if I figure out how to simplify the idea of character design 

Currently studying the personality traits, face reading
"PS: I highly encourage you to research (personality Traits, body language)
Something like this videos [link] he have 19 parts 

To be honest I am crazy researcher if you know me you probably know I don't like to build my research on few resources but I am going offline so I guess what I have will do Sweating a little... 
but really if you are interested about good design you need to do your own research and read a lot I will too each week I will collect my notes go online to research more to get more insight about personality :D (Big Grin) 

Also studying facial features and expressions
hopefully soon I will add to my study body language that subject is very interesting can't wait to go deep researching this Nod
Stay tuned Omg I gets present
thank you all 
Good luck in your journey 
all right :)
finally we had finish moving the furniture last night I feel so tired :sleepy:  .. and yet still too much work to be done + still switching back and forward between the old apartment and the new one Sooooo Tired

on the other hand the new year had started Happy
CheerleaderI just want to wish you all happy new yearCheerleader
                                 :jumpingjacks: Happy :jumpingjacks:
                                    Blower fella (Party) 
                                    Happy New Year 2011 

                                Christmas Tree 
           Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Santa Clause Happy holidays Santa ClauseRudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
               Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas
                     Happy New Year
            “Live life fully while you're here.
                  Experience everything.
        Take care of yourself and your friends.
             Have fun, be crazy, be weird.
                  Go out and screw up!
                 You're going to anyway,
       so you might as well enjoy the process.
Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes:
  find the cause of your problem and eliminate it.
                  Don't try to be perfect;
   just be an excellent example of being human.”
                      Anthony Robbins

               Good luck in your journey
                  Don't forget to smile 
ok I guess its time to update my journal :D

sum up for the past 6 months :-

i had joined DA on June 2015 hoping to practice and improve my skills
at first I was focus or trying to learn to
draw and digital painting :-
portraits, hands and study of the facial feature / facial expression 
then started to be interesting in environment and still life lol :D for my value and color studies ;)
also i like just my mechanical pencil with paper just doodle stuff from memory ;) (Wink)
I only publish my digital art for my pencil art just doodles and tiny lol :D (Big Grin) can't get them on camera I don't have scanner :( (Sad) 

now :- 
I am currently doing little project animals daily speed sketch paint
i am using this list
just list to keep on some kind of track to see each day what to draw so i don't wonder around I love animals lol :D I lose my time just looking at them they so beautiful each have it unique character I like this list site for the info I can read each day :D

I think I need to do texture studies and construct the shapes to get my painting to look right and lighting ;) 

still I am not sure yet about my studies
but I am very happy that I am painting  Floating 
took long time to get up my courage to actually convince myself that I can try :D

ok I guess I will adjust my project to do small and loose studies of each animal IDK I guess its up to the day for the next few days I will be so busy and there few friends are helping me how to study :D Reading Personal Computer

also need to practice some stuff for my secret Santa gift ;)

I am so exited and happy  Nod 
For my secret Santa Santa Clause 
  hi :D
  Floating Christmas Tree  Here is my wish list Christmas Tree Floating 
Snowflake  I like to laugh also Christmas mean to me something warm and cozy :D

Snowflake  I like everything about Christmas the decoration, lighting, tree, snowflakes, presents :D

Snowflake I love baby animals real or mythology they so cute and adorable with little attitude lol (cute and silly Love  is my favorite)

  Bullet; Purple  PS: I am cat person if you can draw a little kitty with little Christmas hat I will be happy
but if you don't draw animals just add little icon cat or silly smiley face ;)

  Bullet; Purple Some other animals/creatures I like:
bunnies, penguins, pandas and all type of birds dove sparrow owl also gold fish, fairy, elves, dragons, phoenix, unicorns
hmm any fluffy animal :)

Snowflake I like anime Love
the anime characters or chibi :D
currently I watch anime
Bullet; Purple fairy tail (mavis, natsu, happy, lucy, erz, gray, juvia, mirajane, laxus, levy, gajeel, wendy )
  Bullet; Purple also I love Fire Pokémon

Or if you don't draw character or animals snow man will do :D

damphyr  I am diverse about style any style will be great anime, real or special also in colors or black and white or just line drawing I love them all :D

damphyr  my favorite colors are violet, blue, green also orange and brown 
Some other colors but not too much in the scene yellow and red
  hmm I love the full rain bow what can I say ;)

I like joyful scene
I don't like dark scene

I hope that help :D
Can't wait to see what you will come up with :)
Thank you secret Santa and Merry Christmas :D

Ps : That is for 
Secret Santa 2015 by Improvement-Club
hi all :D
newbie here :D
just some thoughts

ok still not sure about my study direction

but I am happy that I actually doing color study now
I never had thought I will be able to take paint (guessing even almost right color lol :D ) and go on the fly without any guideline or even under line art drawing Floating 
i feel i am on top of the world lol :D

but still I want more then just still life and photo copying :)

I want do my own painting 
time to do some investigation i guess Sherlock Holmes Reading Personal Computer

please am i moving on the right track
I started study colors at 21 Oct
started by just the color charts
then went to value studies but couldn't wait jump in color world Love 
now color study :D
I feel it's more guessing work :-? (Confused) 
I don't get it I feel that only will help me for practice from image not make my own colors

any advice please I really have no idea what I suppose to study to improve at this point
back to frustrating mood again
it is very hard to see colors i keep trying but when test re produce colored images i just can't get it

i had figure out how to do value study gray scale is my friend now that is big step for me i am very happy that i can do value studies La la la la 

but i just want more i just want to learn and train my eyes to see colors i want to do color study and hopefully master studies someday soon Pray 

i just dont know what to do 

maybe start with simpler images IDK :(

ok i am just breathing out my thoughts nothing more no idea what i need to do and learn at my current level that can help me to improve
currently just exploring stuff and experimenting more stuff  Reading  

it's just very frustrating to fail over and over again understanding colors but i will keep trying
there must be something to get colors I haven't discover yet 

ok ok i will keep re trying doing color studies hopefully that little step will come from practice will try research simple images maybe still life for I had failed very badly trying study nature (landscape) it is very hard to get all the variation in colors 
i think I need some simple images with low number of colors variations and shapes to start my journey with colors and do color studies Gallery  

if you have any exercise or advice how to see colors or copy colors please help :D
I am up again lol :D
feel crazy right now to be honest :D lol

1- practicing my lines
tracing start to help a lot to get my hand moving and be friend with the eraser and ctrl+z :3 
still so slow but i feel i am moving so cool Nod 

2- coloring
start play with colors just pick from images and different styles i likes :D
then see how they are on the color picker and do quick study on simple sphere
then i test myself pick my own colors but still so weird skin colors but i feel i need more red or bright colors IDK will keep trying

feel happy excited and moving Love 
Hi this is just me breathing out my depression and anger. I feel like I am stuck in endless loop try to keep moving but it's just endless cycle :(
I just can't see my improvement can't get my lines to be good enough I see it just chicken running on paper can't get the quality lines I keep trying but I just don't know what else I can do. My pencil drawing lines make me so angry from digital I think it's about the eye with screen thing but then not sure what I can do to help it. I just want to feel something some kind of improvement in my lines.
I guess I will go try paint directly to test this approach but then this will not help my lines I feel like I am running from my problem this way :/
I see a lot of improve in my pencil drawing I even start to test realistic to different style for eyes and face shape :) and make my own simple style but when I try to go digital I just stuck

Sorry but I just needed to breath this out I feel so down right now from my digital lines this issue make me so angry
OK for the last couple days I was just experimenting with drawing realistic portraits still nothing worth to show just doodling still finding my way with the realistic but I like how everything going I think lol.. I am just enjoying doodling :) Still drawing everyday hopefully I can see improvement soon :3