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Hi this is just me breathing out my depression and anger. I feel like I am stuck in endless loop try to keep moving but it's just endless cycle :(
I just can't see my improvement can't get my lines to be good enough I see it just chicken running on paper can't get the quality lines I keep trying but I just don't know what else I can do. My pencil drawing lines make me so angry from digital I think it's about the eye with screen thing but then not sure what I can do to help it. I just want to feel something some kind of improvement in my lines.
I guess I will go try paint directly to test this approach but then this will not help my lines I feel like I am running from my problem this way :/
I see a lot of improve in my pencil drawing I even start to test realistic to different style for eyes and face shape :) and make my own simple style but when I try to go digital I just stuck

Sorry but I just needed to breath this out I feel so down right now from my digital lines this issue make me so angry
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Submitted on
September 30, 2015